My art

mainly digital art; click image for speedpaint

wandering cat

April 19th, 2020
inspo from 'Small Island Woes' an indie horror game


April 24, 2020
had this image come to mind when i was about to sleep, had to draw it out


May 5, 2020
vent drawing from an art block, name taken from an album by the band 'Machine Girl'


May 20, 2020
another vent drawing, not much to say; speedpaint unavailable


May 21, 2020
couldn't sleep, so i drew instead


May 28, 2020
i'm a fan of pretty boys and blood


May 26, 2020
more blood

do you love me?

June 17, 2019
mini comic that i drew a while ago


April 4, 2020
Pose inspired by Guan Yin, the goddess/god of mercy


April 7, 2020
the branches behind her were supposed to be arms, but i decided to go with branches instead

Popee the Performer fanart

June 11, 2020
Popee the Performer is such a great show, i really recommend it if your a fan of the weird


June 18, 2020
something less angsty this time, inspo from an aesthetic picture of a sunset i found on tumblr

DTIYS (not mine)

June 25, 2020
A dtiys challenge of a friend on a discord server

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